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Making wedding gifts is my passion, and it's a privilege to be able to create beautiful, embroidered personalised wedding gifts. I can create wedding ring cushions, garters and favours for your wedding to mirror a wedding theme, if you wish, or produce a design you have in mind for a special occasion. Wedding gifts can be kept for years as a memento of your special day, each gift can be made to order in the wording and Colours of your choice. make your wedding day into a stylish and stunning occasion with my beautiful handmade personalised wedding gifts.

Choosing wedding presents or wedding thank you gifts is a difficult task. Wedding Gifts/presents need to be 'original' or 'unique'. Our wedding present/gift  ideas can be treasured forever. embroidered collection of wedding presents for the bridal party are original and some are fun.
The wonderful tradition of buying the bride and groom personalised wedding gifts originates from dowries, when the bride's father gave money or gifts to his future son-in-law and family.

These days, we’ve developed the rather more enjoyable practice of showering the happy couple with wedding gifts, but with this new etiquette of giving and receiving there comes a maze of questions. Some people feel embarrassed to ask for wedding presents; others are offended if the bride and groom don’t want to be given anything. And what exactly should a couple be asking for?

Don’t forget that the happy couple are also expected to give presents, often called favours, for their guests. These serve two purposes -- as well as saying thank you, they can go far in creating beautiful table settings.

So here’s our complete buyer’s guide to gifts, gift lists and tables settings.
Your wedding gift list
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Wedding gift lists are one of the highlights of planning a wedding -- what can be more fun than compiling a list of wedding gifts/presents for yourself? But they're hugely practical too, providing an excellent way of making sure you get the gifts/presents you really want and need.
Why choose a gift list?

The difficulty many couples face is balancing the desire of your guests, who want their personally chosen wedding gifts to be appreciated, with your desire to receive presents that you really want and need. No one needs five ring cushions and seven garters, so a simple, practical way of receiving what you want is by setting up a wedding gift list.

Those wishing to buy you a wedding gift can then choose something they know is needed and will be appreciated. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong or presumptuous with having a wedding gift list. It is only considered bad taste if you try to force your wedding list onto your guests.

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A traditional list involves you compiling your own list and distributing it to those who ask to see it. You should include the manufacturer's name, model and colour of whatever items you’ve asked for. When your guests have chosen a gift, it is returned with that item crossed off. Since your invitations will have been posted 8 to 12 weeks before your wedding day there will be plenty of time for your list to do the rounds. It is traditional that the host (usually the bride's mother) handles and circulates the wedding gift list.
Department store gift lists

A far more popular way of handling gift lists is by using the services of a particular shop or department store. Most major stores such as Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and House of Fraser provide a wedding list service, where you make up your list from their stock. As part of the service, the store will manage your wedding list so when your guests telephone, buy online or visit the store, the item chosen is removed from your list. After your wedding, the store will send you a list of who has purchased what so you know who to send your thank-you letters to.
Online gift lifts

Many companies and traditional department stores now offer online wedding gift lists, a hugely practical and popular alternative. The greatest benefit is that you can compile your personalised wedding list from the comfort of your home, saving you the time of browsing around a store. Once you have made your selection, you can usually either create a list online, or mail your choices to them and they will set it up for you. Your guests, meanwhile, can also save the trouble of a trip or phone call and can browse your list online.

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